What You SHOULDN’T Say On a First Date

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve already heard of the things you “shouldn’t say” on a first date – no religion, money, or politics talk. The problem is that there are more things that should be unspoken. Yet, people are still chit chatting about subjects they shouldn’t, and they wonder why Mr. or Ms. Perfect hasn’t called in a week.

5 Things That Should Never Come Out of Your Mouth 
  1. Sex Talk – Let’s talk about sex baby. Or maybe, let’s not! This one should be a no-brainer, but people are still bringing it up. Listen, I’m all for people talking about sex (in general), having sex, whatever, but if you don’t want to have sex on the first date, don’t talk about it. You wanna lead with your best foot forward – so don’t lead with your sex foot forward. Unless your date has a foot fetish 😉
  2. Ex Talk – No one wants to be on a first date, let alone any date, and hear you talking about your ex. Leave the past in the past. Be prepared with a vague answer, just in case your date asks you questions about your last relationship. This is bound to come up at some point, but don’t make it happen on date #1.  
  3. Low Confidence Remarks – Confidence is key. If you don’t have it, that’s okay – fake it till you make it. Putting yourself down is a definite romance killer. Furthermore, if your date compliments you, accept the compliment and simply say “thank you”. News flash – it’s not sexy to rebut a compliment. Plus, it also makes the compliment giver feel bad. 
  4. The “We Should Do This Again” (if you don’t mean it) – Haven’t you learned your lesson after watching Chandler from “Friends” have this exact problem? If you didn’t click with the person, that’s fine! There’s no need to lie to them just to cut out the awkwardness. Now, don’t go to the opposite end and tell the person you hated him or her. A simple “thanks for the date” can do. This will save your date from having false hope and you from having to ignore his or her text messages the next day. 
  5. Your Mom – Don’t talk about your mom on the first date. Better yet, don’t say “your mom” jokes too. Talking about your family life is one thing, but if you can’t stop bringing up things about your mom, then maybe that’s who you should be on the date with instead. If your date says the words “Mommy and Daddy,” then you had better run to the nearest exit. 

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